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Guide to Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week 2024

Guide to Salone del Mobile

From April 16th to April 21st, 2024, Milan hosts one of the most influential design events globally: Salone del Mobile.

The Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week represent the zenith of global design and creativity, held in the vibrant city of Milan. This week-long celebration serves as a pivotal meeting point for designers, architects, and other creative professionals from around the world.

Here’s a detailed guide to Salone del Mobile to help you navigate this unmissable event, highlighting key exhibitions, spaces, and tips for attendees.

Navigating the exhibition space

The Fiera Milano hosts the main exhibition of the Salone del Mobile, showcasing the latest in Italian design and new collections from both established brands and independent designers.

This multifunctional space becomes a hub of innovation, offering a great opportunity for attendees to explore new designs in furniture, lighting, and sustainable design elements.

Navigating the exhibition space

The biennial lighting exhibition and Swiss design

Every other year, the fair expands its scope to include a special biennial lighting exhibition, illuminating the latest trends in lighting design. Additionally, Piazza Cavour’s Swiss Corner often features contributions from renowned Swiss design studios, bringing a unique perspective to the event.

Special highlights

Each year, themes and special projects add depth to the exploration of design. For instance, Memphis Milano often revisits the radical design movement with new interpretations, while Very Simple Kitchen showcases minimalist design concepts in selected locations throughout Milan.

Tips for attendees

Plan ahead: With so much to see, having a plan can help you cover more ground. Utilize daily guides and the official Salone del Mobile app for schedules and maps.

Explore beyond the fair: Milan’s design districts offer a wealth of exhibitions and installations. Areas like Porta Venezia and Brera are not to be missed.

Sustainable mobility: Take advantage of Milan’s bike-sharing services and public transport to navigate the city efficiently and eco-friendly.

The Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse in the latest design trends, network with industry professionals, and draw inspiration from the creative energy of Milan.

Whether you’re there to showcase your work or to explore the world of design, this guide aims to enhance your experience at one of the most anticipated events in the design and architecture calendar.

The genesis of the salone del mobile

Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week, encompassing the Salone del Mobile transforms Milan into a global design hub for a week. This event extends beyond the fairgrounds, with diverse design exhibitions, installations, and events organized across the city.

The “Fuorisalone” network of locations and activities attracts designers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, offering visitors a rich tapestry of design, art, and culture.

This week-long celebration is marked by inclusivity, allowing the general public to engage with design innovations and artistic expressions. It’s a showcase of products and companies and a platform for dialogue and collaboration, with talks, workshops, and discussions that foster a sense of community among attendees.

Milan Design Week serves as a vivid reminder of design’s role in shaping our environments and experiences. It’s a celebration of design’s power to inspire and transform, making it a pivotal event in the global design calendar.

Beyond the fairgrounds, Milan Design Week spreads across the city, transforming various locations into showcases for design and art. Porta Venezia, Della Spiga, and the city center are just a few areas where installations and exhibitions pop up, creating an electric atmosphere that encourages exploration and discovery.

Studio Ossidiana and Studio Formafantasma are among the notable participants, often collaborating with artists like Iranian artist Bita Fayyazi to create immersive experiences. The event is also a platform for showcasing projects that emphasize reusable design elements, reflecting a growing concern for sustainability in design.

Milan Design Week

Milan: the heart of design

During the Salone del Mobile, Milan transforms into a global design epicenter. The city’s rich cultural and architectural heritage provides a dynamic backdrop for this event, blending contemporary design with historical elegance.

Throughout Milan, various venues and public spaces become extensions of the fair, hosting a myriad of design installations, events, and exhibitions.

This annual transformation showcases the city’s intrinsic connection to art, architecture, fashion, and design. Local businesses, educational institutions, and the public engage actively, creating a unique atmosphere that transcends a typical trade show or fair.

It’s a celebration of Milan’s design legacy and its ongoing influence on contemporary trends.

The Salone del Mobile and Milan share a symbiotic relationship; the city’s architecture and design heritage enrich the fair, while the event itself brings global focus to Milan’s status as a design capital.

This interaction ensures that the Salone remains at the forefront of design innovation and keeps Milan at the center of the global design dialogue.


Emerging designers and their role

One of the event’s key highlights is the spotlight it puts on emerging designers. These fresh talents are the lifeblood of the design world, bringing innovative ideas and collaborations to the forefront at the Milan Furniture Fair.

The participation of these young designers at the Salone del Mobile is more than just an opportunity for them to create and showcase their work; it represents the pulsating heart of innovation within the design industry.

By offering a platform for their fresh, often unconventional ideas, the Salone plays a critical role in driving the evolution of design trends. With their unique approaches and perspectives, these emerging talents challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is possible in design.

Nurturing new talents is essential for the continuous vitality and progression of the design industry. The Salone del Mobile, by providing these emerging designers with visibility and networking opportunities, not only helps launch their careers but also ensures the influx of new ideas and creative energy into the global design landscape.

Their involvement is a testament to Salone’s dedication to cultivating the next generation of design innovators and maintaining its position at the forefront of design excellence.

Emerging designers and their role

International bathroom exhibition at Salone del Mobile

The International Bathroom Exhibition is a standout feature of the Salone del Mobile, showcasing the latest in bathroom design and innovation. This segment highlights advancements in bathroom fixtures, materials, and sustainable solutions, reflecting the evolving trends in modern bathroom interiors.

It offers attendees a comprehensive look at cutting-edge designs and technologies, setting the pace for the future of bathroom aesthetics and functionality.

International bathroom exhibition at Salone del Mobile

A global stage for Italian excellence

The Salone del Mobile is a celebration of Italian design, focusing on showcasing the country’s legacy in furniture and interior craftsmanship.

The event provides a global stage for Italian designers, architects, and manufacturers to exhibit their innovative and artistic creations, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

The trade fair highlights Italy’s influence on global design trends and serves as a critical junction between Italian design and international markets. It attracts a worldwide audience, fostering collaborations and highlighting the enduring appeal of Italian design.

Moreover, the Salone del Mobile inspires the next generation of designers, emphasizing Italy’s role in shaping the future of global design. It’s not just an exhibition or a fair but a testament to the tradition and innovation of Italian design, underlining its significant impact on the world stage.

A global stage for Italian excellence

What to expect in the upcoming edition

Attendees eagerly expect to discover new themes and innovations at the Salone del Mobile each year. The upcoming edition is no exception, promising to feature an array of new designs, features, and collaborations, making it a must-visit event for anyone passionate about design.

RealityMAX: A game changer for brands at Salone del Mobile

The Salone del Mobile has continuously evolved, integrating technology and modern trends. This evolution speaks volumes about its ability to stay relevant and influential in the ever-changing world of design.

As brands prepare for the Salone del Mobile, incorporating innovative tools like RealityMAX can be a game changer. RealityMAX is an Augmented Reality (AR) display technology that can revolutionize how products are presented and experienced.

For brands participating in the fair, this means an opportunity to offer immersive previews of their designs, enabling visitors to visualize products in a real-world context.

RealityMAX stands as an exemplary tool that can enhance brand presentations and visitor engagement at the Salone del Mobile.

RealityMAX A game changer for brands at Salone del Mobile

Preparing for Milan design week with RealityMAX: Enhancing your presentation with 3D/AR

As the Milan Design Week approaches, brands and designers are seeking innovative ways to showcase their products and designs. RealityMAX offers a groundbreaking solution by enabling exhibitors to create immersive 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) viewers of their designs. This technology not only elevates the presentation of furniture and products but also engages visitors in a unique, interactive experience. Here’s how to leverage RealityMAX for an unforgettable showcase at Milan Design Week.

Transforming exhibition spaces with AR

Imagine an exhibition space designed around the concept of interaction and engagement, where instead of physical models, you have an open area with strategically placed QR codes. Visitors can scan these QRs with their smartphones to view various furniture pieces in AR, positioned within the same space. This approach allows attendees to visualize how different styles and designs would look in a real setting, offering a versatile and dynamic exploration of your collection.

Transforming exhibition spaces with AR

Personalized design experiences

RealityMAX can be used to create personalized experiences for visitors. By providing options to customize the furniture in AR—such as changing colors, materials, or sizes—brands can demonstrate the versatility of their designs. This hands-on interaction not only enhances visitor engagement but also showcases the adaptability of your products to various customer preferences and spaces.

Pre-event teasers

Before the event, generate excitement by releasing AR teasers of your upcoming designs. Share QR codes through your marketing channels, allowing potential visitors to preview exclusive pieces in their own space. This pre-event engagement can increase anticipation and drive traffic to your exhibition space during Milan Design Week.

By incorporating RealityMAX into your Milan Design Week preparation, you can offer an innovative, engaging, and memorable experience for visitors. This technology not only showcases your designs in a unique light but also sets a new standard for presentation and interaction in the design industry.

Pre-event teasers


In conclusion, the Salone del Mobile stands at the forefront of design and innovation, not just as a fair but as a global phenomenon.

It’s a place where design transcends the boundaries of imagination, where new technologies like RealityMAX offer exciting possibilities for brands and designers.

With each edition, the Salone continues to showcase the best in design, drawing a global audience to Milan, the city that has become synonymous with the pinnacle of design excellence.

Whether for industry professionals or design enthusiasts, the Salone del Mobile remains an essential event, marking the ever-evolving design landscape and its endless possibilities.

If you’re interested in quickly creating AR versions of your top items that you can use during Salone del Mobile to engage visitors and stakeholders, we encourage you to get in touch via our live chat.

See you in Milan!

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