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Easy AR and 3D
for eCommerce

Create fascinating 3D product visualization of items in minutes. Integrate SEO-friendly 3D views in any website instantly and elevate your customer experience. Engage your visitors better and boost sales.
3D for eCommerce

3D for e-commerce platforms. At scale

Remote teamwork

100% online.
No 3D skills needed

Drag and drop your 3D models and share them with one click.


Maximize performance and revenues

3D product views are proven to lift conversions by 250%.


Remove technological limitations

Anyone with a connected device can engage with your 3D and AR.

Solution to upgrade

Unlock the power of 3D for brands and e-commerce with RealityMAX

Digital innovation in e-commerce should be about something other than high investments, training staff in advanced 3D techniques, and trading website loading speed for engaging 3D views. The 3D product visualization and AR solutions provided by RealityMAX are accessible, intuitive, and optimized for SEO. Stay caught up with competitors and bring your catalog to life in a wink.

Boost sales and engagement through 3D visuals

More than 80% of visitors interact with 3D views on product pages. And shoppers are 45% more likely to add an item to the cart after engaging with 3D. RealityMAX empowers you to quickly tap into these massive opportunities: upload your 3D models made with any software, adjust colors and appearance if you want, add a call-to-action, and you’re ready to go.
Enjoy cost-effective 3D content management​

Enjoy cost-effective 3D content management

Your RealityMAX workspace is an all-in-one 3D project management solution. You can safely collaborate online in real time with 3D artists, designers, and marketers to nail the perfect product visualization. You can store all your 3D assets securely and keep everything tidy and under control with project folders. You can share a password-protected 3D or AR preview with a simple link for review and approval. Everything from a single place.

Integrate 3D visualization with existing e-commerce platforms

Seamlessly integrating your 3Ds with online stores doesn’t get easier than this. Just grab the embed code we generate for your projects and paste it into your web page. Finished! We support all major website builders, WordPress plugins, and e-commerce platforms. You can also insert 3D directly via HTML, if needed. We’re talking state-of-the-art Web 3D, so your users won’t have to download anything to interact with it.
Perfectly balance visual appeal and site speed​

Perfectly balance visual appeal and site speed

Our 3D product viewer is optimized for SEO and won’t affect your website’s loading time. On the contrary, adding 3D content to product pages on your e-commerce site can significantly improve your performance on search engines. Users tend to stay on a page much longer when they can interact with 3D views of products. And more time spent by visitors translates into more relevance and authority for your site and better rankings on SERPs.

Make people try products with augmented reality​

Make people try products with augmented reality

When you share a 3D project with RealityMAX, you automatically get a link to a 3D and an AR experience. Augmented reality is a game changer when engaging customers and capturing purchase intent. When looking for a new sofa, lamp, or rug, seeing objects in your actual space makes a huge difference. As does the opportunity to virtually try a pair of sunglasses that caught your attention on Instagram. Especially when you can include a “Buy now” button.

RealityMAX for eCommerce: the future of shopping

Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative workspaces

Native real-time teamwork environemnts fully equipped with tools to transform and arrange elements. All changes made by a contributor are instantly visible to all team members.

Extended format support

Extended format support

All popular 3D file formats are accepted, including .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .3dm, .obj, .stl, .3ds. You can also upload 2D assets (.jpg, .png, .webp) and .zip archives with textures.

User management and permissions

User management and permissions

Share your projects efficiently and securely, granting different privileges to different users who can view, comment, or edit scenes depending on their role in the process.

One-link share and 3D embed

One-link share and 3D embed

Generate Web3D and augmented reality previews of your projects and share them with a link or a QR. Or integrate interactive mock-ups directly in a web page (like your online portfolio).

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