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Easy AR and 3D
for furniture makers

Facilitate seamless collaboration on furniture projects. Power up product visualization, empowering architects, interior designers, and consumers to experience your best pieces just like in the real world.
3d for furniture

3D for furniture designers and brands. At scale


Design better

Speed up the process with improved communication and virtual prototyping.


Give a boost to your sales

Provide immersive experiences that traditional photos can't match.


Reduce costs and complexities

Enjoy no-code augmented reality that works with any smartphone.

Collaborative 3D

Power up your furniture business
with RealityMAX

Forget about high initial investments, difficult integrations, and steep learning curves to implement 3D and AR in your operations. RealityMAX is the one-stop solution for building, collaborating on, and sharing 3Ds, 100% online. Go from CAD to interactive product views that you can quickly embed in your e-commerce and engaging AR experiences literally in minutes.

Collaborative 3D for furniture

Streamline and advance your design process

Connect design teams and decision makers in an intuitive workspace to present, discuss, and edit together new pieces and spaces. Accelerate the approval process with rapid prototyping and improved communication. Prevent misunderstandings and reworks. Optimize go-to-market timelines and respond to trends fast.

Collaborative 3D 
 for furniture

Craft and explore stunning virtual environments

Effortlessly assemble lifelike scenes using furniture from your catalog or our library. This feature allows designers and clients to collaboratively visualize and arrange furniture in virtual homes, offices, or other environments. By creating these scenes, you can ensure the furniture not only fits the space aesthetically but also in terms of size and functionality.

Bring furniture to life with augmented reality​

Bring furniture to life with augmented reality

Bring any piece of furniture into the real world with augmented reality, offering clients a unique way to see how your products would look and fit in their actual living spaces. This tool is invaluable for enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, as it provides a realistic impression of the furniture in their own home or office environment.

Hybridize brick-and-mortar retail

Enable 3D experiences in stores and showrooms with interactive kiosks where visitors can customize items. Create augmented reality product views in a breeze and share them as links and QR codes: let shoppers revisit their favorites and try them at home. Merging digital innovation with the physical shopping environment creates value for your customers and facilitate purchases.

RealityMAX for furniture: the future of space styling

Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative workspaces

Native real-time teamwork environemnts fully equipped with tools to transform and arrange elements. All changes made by a contributor are instantly visible to all team members.

Extended format support

Extended format support

All popular 3D file formats are accepted, including .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .3dm, .obj, .stl, .3ds. You can also upload 2D assets (.jpg, .png, .webp) and .zip archives with textures.

User management and permissions

User management and permissions

Share your projects efficiently and securely, granting different privileges to different users who can view, comment, or edit scenes depending on their role in the process.

One-link share and 3D embed

One-link share and 3D embed

Generate Web3D and augmented reality previews of your projects and share them with a link or a QR. Or integrate interactive mock-ups directly in a web page (like your online portfolio).

Start collaborating
on 3D projects now

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