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Supercharged plans to augment your 3D workflows

3D collaborations solutions that you can scale as you grow.


The starting point for creators, students, and beginners.

$0 / mo

* Earn extra storage on RealityMAX! Receive 250 MB for each person you invite when they register (up to 4 GB). Need more? Upgrade to Pro.


Designed for established professionals and small-to-medium sized businesses.​

$40 / mo

billed annually, or $50 month-to-month


Perfect for design, architecture, engineering firms, and intensive 3D users.​
student or educator

Are you an educator or a student?

Our RealityMAX Classroom program is all about supporting 3D learning experiences! We have amazing packages for you, even FREE ones.

Building and sharing with RealityMAX

Stanford University
Novo nordisk

Transparent prices

No hidden fees. No credit card required to start a Free plan.

100% Secure shopping

100% secure

All transactions are SSL encrypted. We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Fully supported

Our team of 3D experts is always available to help you get started.

Feature comparison



Storage space

Up to 2 GB

Up to 500 GB
Above 500 GB
Number of uploads
Extended file format support
3D model library
Material library
Multiple objects in a scene
Resize objects
Arrange objects
Lock objects and layers
Group objects
Drag-and-drop materials and textures
Copy and paste materials
Edit material properties
Swap textures
Change measurement units




Invite members to a scene
Real-time editing

Follow members

Comment on a scene
Invite members to a project
Invite members to a workspace
Request additional workspaces
Comment history
Changes history
Member permission management


Number of shares
Share as Web 3D
Share as AR
3D embed

Share with link

Share with QR code
Add CTA to shared content
Share with password
Number of views
Up to 100/mo
Up to 10,000/mo
Above 10,000/mo
Scene analytics
Remove RealityMAX logo
Personalize share link
Share with custom domain
Support & security


Email and chat support
Phone support
Customer success agent
SSO (Single-Sign-On) login
On-demand tailored features


For creators and students.

$0 / mo


For small-to-mid sized businesses.

$40 / mo


For large firms and intensive 3D users.

Frequently asked questions

On RealityMAX, a workspace is a 3D building environment within your account. Inside a workspace you can create how many projects you want (think of them as folders); inside a project you might have multiple scenes associated with that specific project.

When you register to RealityMAX you have one workspace, which basically corresponds to your account. As your usage grows and you upgrade to a higher plan, you might have more workspaces within the same account, and you can assign members and teams to specific workspaces (and also to specific projects within a workspace).
A member is someone you invite to your 3D environemnt to collaborate with you. You define the level of access they have, meaning if they can simply view the scene or edit it, too.

There’s no limit to how many members you can invite. Free users can invite members to scenes, while Pro and Enterprise users can also invite them to projects and workspaces.
A share is a preview of a scene as Web 3D or augmented reality that you can share outside of RealityMAX through a simple link, a QR code, or by embedding it in a web page or other types of interactive document. People who click or tap the link, or scan the QR, will immediately access the Web 3D or AR experience of your scene on their devices. There’s no limit to how many previews you can share.

Please note that views (visits to previews you have shared) are a completely different thing than shares, and different plans have different view limits. You might share just one scene (that is, create a link to your content), but that scene might receive hundreds or thousands of views, depending on how you use it.

Also, Pro and Enterprise users can remove the RealityMAX logo from their previews.
Basic member permission management is available to Free users, allowing them to invite member at scene level and manage their access privileges (a member can only view a scene vs. a member can edit it, too) and remove permissions altogether.

Advanced member permission management is available to Pro and Enterprise users, allowing them to invite members at scene, project, and workspace level. They can granularly manage member privileges, and also assign different admins to different workspaces for a more effective account management.
The only actual limits that you might go over are your storage space and monthly view limits. We have designed our plans in order to leave you enough room to grow before upgrading to the next one, but if you happen to reach your storage limit, the system simply won’t let you upload any more assets, while if you hit your view limit, your previews will be deactivated until the end of the month.

You will be required to either remove existing assets from your account, or upgrade to a higher plan to unlock additional storage space and views. Please notice that your available storage space and the view count are measured at account level, so it doesn’t matter if you exceed a limit with a single scene, or if it’s the sum of all your scenes, projects, and workspaces.
If you need more storage space you can upgrade to a higher plan and stop worrying about the size of your assets for good.

Free users also have the opportunity to get more storage space by inviting people to join RealityMAX. For every friend who registers to RealityMAX we add 250 MB of bonus space to the user who invited them (up to a limit of 10 GB).
No, we don’t charge for members. You can invite as many people you want to collaborate with you. Free users can invite members to scenes, while Pro and Enterprise users can also invite them to projects and workspaces.

AmEx, Mastercard, and Visa cards are accepted.  Paid plans automatically renew at expiration. You can cancel at any time.

Yes, if you choose an annual subscription you will save 20% on the Pro month-by-month price. Are you interested in the Enterprise plan? Contact us for more details.
Sure! We have a RealityMAX Classroom program with special packages for educators and students.

Just drop us a line and we’ll work out the details. Of course we will need proof that you are part of a school, university, or other educational organization. Writing us from you work email address will speed up the process.
Definitely so, you can change your plan at any time. When you upgrade, you will get instant access to more storage space, more views, additional workspaces, and other amazing advanced features according to your new plan.

Keep in mind that if you move to a lower plan, with less storage space and workspaces, it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance BEFORE DOWNGRADING. This means removing all scenes, projects, workspaces, and assets that exceed the limits of your new plan from your account. This way you won’t lose content that would be permanently deleted.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from the Billing section of your Settings – not that we recommend this! If you do so, at the next expiration date you and the other members will not be able to access and edit projects and scenes in your workspaces anymore.

A canceled subscription can be reactivated at any moment.