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Collaborative 3D for
product design

Elevate your consumer product, manufacturing, transportation, furniture projects, and any product design and industrial design process through 3D product collaboration. Cut lead time and create better products faster.

3D collaboration for product
design teams. At scale


Bring designers together

Connect distributed teams and avoid misunderstandings and delays.

Manage client expectations

Collect feedback effectively. Present your work with virtual prototypes.



Simplify exchanges with engineering teams and speed up production.

Futureproof your product design business with RealityMAX

Online collaboration has radically reshaped and enhanced workflows for visual designers and UX professionals, making their jobs easier and improving results. Product and industrial design must stay caught up. How badly do you want a Figma for 3D product collaboration? That's exactly what RealityMAX is about. A one-stop solution to compose 3D scenes, tweak models, and prototype objects together with teammates and stakeholders. Online and in real time.

Less missteps and reworks. More value down the line.

3D product collaboration works wonders in boosting creativity and proactivity within teams. But more efficient communication, live cooperation, and a shared, constantly updated design repository contribute a great deal to minimizing mistakes and redesigns. Unnoticed flaws and feasibility issues strongly affect the production phase. 3D design collaboration helps you keep that under control and maximize the quality and profitability of projects.

A comprehensive suite of 3D design tools at your fingertips.

RealityMAX is an all-in-one platform packed with amazing 3D collaboration features. Take our Smart Materials: textures that automatically adapt as you transform an abject to maintain their correct proportions. Unbelievably useful and time-saving. You can import multiple models to your scenes from any 3D modeling software – or from our model library. Once added, you can arrange them, clone and transform them, and apply different materials (we have plenty of presets available) to run tests and experiments.

Turn clients and engineers into your best teammates.

You know the feeling of being squeezed between requests from clients and technical requirements too well. Our 3D for product design collaboration platform can fix that. Inviting stakeholders and engineers into your workspace accelerates decision-making. Feedback gets focused and actionable. All adjustments needed for implementation are discussed and applied cooperatively. As a result, projects get 40% faster. And you can quickly move on to your next success.

Cut costs with instant virtual 3D and AR prototyping.

Even when utilizing 3D printing methods, tangible prototyping can be costly and potentially delay projects. Leveraging 3D product visualization and virtual prototypes through Web 3D and augmented reality, which can be swiftly crafted with RealityMAX, offers a prime solution for frequent iterations and reducing prototyping expenses, particularly during the demonstration and pre-production stages.

Organize and protect your valuable design assets.

Confidentiality is integral to the product development process. Protecting highly sensitive nonpublic information is a core component of a design firm’s reputation and brand equity. We built RealityMAX around this, enabling you to manage teams and members’ privileges at a granular level. This approach allows you to bring in external users into your workspace securely. In addition, you can safeguard your scenes with passwords. And, of course, rely on our airtight all-round data protection.

RealityMAX for product design: the future of tangible products

Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative workspaces

Native real-time teamwork environemnts fully equipped with tools to transform and arrange elements. All changes made by a contributor are instantly visible to all team members.

Extended format support

Extended format support

All popular 3D file formats are accepted, including .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .3dm, .obj, .stl, .3ds. You can also upload 2D assets (.jpg, .png, .webp) and .zip archives with textures.

User management and permissions

User management and permissions

Share your projects efficiently and securely, granting different privileges to different users who can view, comment, or edit scenes depending on their role in the process.

One-link share and 3D embed

One-link share and 3D embed

Generate Web3D and augmented reality previews of your projects and share them with a link or a QR. Or integrate interactive mock-ups directly in a web page (like your online portfolio).

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