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Design presentation tools

Design presentation tools that really make a difference

Engage your clients and customers with captivating Web 3D and AR versions of your designs. No coding needed, no compatibility issues.

Copy, paste, showcase. 3D visualization made easy.

An impactful design presentation is key to the success of projects and products. With RealityMAX, you can directly connect people with exciting 3D and AR experiences through emails, texts, WhatsApp, social media, brochures, business cards, portfolios, websites, e-commerce, you name it!
Get rid of all technical limitations

Get rid of all technical limitations.

Anyone with an Internet connection can access your 3Ds. Just use the unique link that we create for you when you click on “Share preview” in your scene. No dedicated apps, no downloads, no friction. Remember spending hours exporting to several different formats? Investing on costly software or development? Smile, that’s the past.

Let people see your designs in their actual space.

Going from CAD to augmented reality that works with any smartphone is totally uncomplicated, sustainable, and fast. Everytime you create a 3D visualization, we generate an AR version for mobile devices, accessible from the same link. Allow customers to experience your furniture in their home. Provide virtual prototypes to clients and engineering teams. Electrify your audience at meetings and events.

Integrate 3D into any web page in minutes.

Do you have a website? An online portfolio? An e-commerce? Then you need to add rich, magnetic content to it with an interactive 3D viewer showing your best work or products. No matter which platform your site runs on: simply copy the embed code we give you and paste it into the page. Believe us, you don’t need a developer. You can also adjust the size of the viewer to make it fit perfectly.

Improve your SEO with 3D visualizations

Our 3D viewers are optimized not to slow down your page speed. More than that: 3D design presentation keeps visitors engaged longer, translating into better ranking.
Turn views into traffic and purchases

Turn views into traffic and purchases.

You can add a CTA button to all your 3D previews, compelling your visitors to take relevant actions. Insert a short description to give them additional reasons to click, and link to the online resource that matters the most for you. You can send prospects to your studio’s website or your Behance. Are your products available to buy? Connect your store. Even better: drive them to a landing page with all your links, including social.
Add a new dimension to printed materials

Add a new dimension to printed materials.

Transform your business cards, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, stickers, invoices, and any printed items into enhanced 3D design presentation tools. Just grab the QR code with your unique link inside that we create automatically for every 3D preview and add it to your stationery, use it in ads on magazines, show it in your brick and mortar stores. Download the format you need between PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS.

Content safe

Keep your sensitive content safe

Need to keep a WIP or a final rendering private? You can protect your links with a password, sharing designs only to authorized people.
Collect actionable feedback easily

Collect actionable feedback easily.

Endless email threads. Hours spent on phone calls. Misunderstandings and reworks that affect the bottom line. Does this resonate with you? Simplify revision cycles by sharing 3D and AR of your designs with clients and stakeholders with just one link. Receive comments in real time, iterate quickly, get things done better and faster.

Edit objects

Change colors, swap materials, adjust lighting intuitively with a couple of clicks.

Invite collaborators

Get teammates to work with you online in real time for increased efficiency.

Customize 3D viewers

Customize 3D viewers

Pro users can remove the RealityMAX logo from their 3D and AR previews.

Organize assets

Organize assets

Keep your models tidy with project folders and secure with airtight protection.

The answer to all design presentation needs



Embrace interactive 3D and boost prospects' and consumers' engagement.


Get rid of busy work while you maximize creativity and customer satisfaction.


Build surprising experiences for shoppers, project clients, and business partners alike.

Showcase your designs and products like a pro

Together, faster, better. Power up reality to the MAX.