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The 3D collaboration platform to boost your workflows

Invite your teammates to collaborate in real-time, build, compose and present in a whole new way. Start building 3D projects together, faster.

Join the 3D collaboration evolution

Stop struggling with different desktop design software and tools at every stage of the process, sending massive files back and forth, and wasting endless hours exporting assets. RealityMAX technology makes all this a thing of the past.



Create scenes with multiple 3D models. All major 3D file formats are supported.

Team up

Team up

Share the same 3D workspace, at the same time, working remotely.



Get your content out in the world as Web 3D or AR experiences, or insert it on your web page.

The easiest 3D design collaboration platform

Invite people to your virtual 3D workspace with just one link. Bring your teammates together from anywhere using the same collaboration software. See changes and updates as they are made, from any device.
3D collaboration
Streamline your review and approval process

Design project management made easy

Provide instant access to your 3D projects for clients and stakeholders, with a simple click or tap. Share progress over email, instant message, or text, and collect feedback quickly and efficiently.

Building and sharing with RealityMAX

Stanford University
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Be part of the revolution and power up your creations to the MAX

Join our more than 40000+ users on RealityMAX
Thanks to RealityMAX augmented reality, my clients can now visualize my designs in their own space, which has tripled the impact. The best part is that I can handle everything with just a WhatsApp link – it’s easy for both my clients and me.”
Vera reviews
Furniture Designer


With RealityMAX, I transformed my workflow. By showing realistic models to manufacturers and collaborators, I improved our communication, not to mention the time saved in validation tests and production costs. Now, I can focus more on creativity and less on technical and logistical barriers.”
Lorenzo review
Product Designer


Collaborating with remote teams is a challenge for the team. The real-time collaboration functionality allowed us to move faster through the design process, discuss ideas on the same page, and save much time.”
John review


Design presentation tools to wow your audience

Showcase your best 3D work – an architectural render, a car engine prototype, a 3D class assignment, you name it – in the most compelling way. Have your audience interact with it on their screen.
student or educator
Store, organize, and protect your valuable 3D assets

Keep your 3D models safe and perfectly organized

Keep all your 3D files, 3D models, and scenes tidy and at hand on our 3D design collaboration online platform. Assign projects to folders, and create dedicated teams with different levels of access. Password-protect your content with secure links.

Like a bank vault for your 3D files

We keep your assets safe with enterprise-grade data protection while you have full control over how to share them and with whom.

Bring product visualization to the next level

Bring products to life on your e-commerce and in the real world. Embrace next-level product display and configuration and watch performances skyrocket. Lightning-fast and SEO-friendly with product visualization.
Product visualization
Design cooperation

Real-time design collaboration for 3D projects

A game-changing solution to upgrade and streamline the design process of architecture firm, design studios, engineering companies, interior designers, and freelance makers. Share great project presentations that excite your clients.

Engage shoppers with Web 3D and augmented reality

Energize your customer experience with the help of 3D and augmented reality. Create campaigns that get people talk about them. Make consumers interact with brands with just a link.
Shopper engagement

Start collaborating on 3D projects now

Together, faster, better. Power up reality to the MAX.